LEXA SKINWEAR is a South Australian owned company, which focuses on delivering non-toxic, vegan, healthy ingredients to the needed areas of the skin, to create an overall healthy glow, which slows the signs of ageing.




I’m really happy with my purchase of the Elixir Collection.  I like how the Creme Cleanser leaves my skin moisturised instead of tight and dry after use, and along with the Scrub, Eye Creme and Collagen Moisturiser, it’s a really nice combo.

Ben, Sydney


I used to buy Swiss skincare but found it was way too expensive and my skin really didnt change much. I didnt see the benefit.  I heard about Lexa Skinwear through a friend and thought i’d try, given it’s so much more affordable, it’s natural and organic and LOVE that it’s vegan!!! My skin always feel fresh, moisturised and plump! The Liquid Foundation applies so nicely and lasts ALL DAY! I assumed it may not being so natural, but I was so surprised!  I love that I dont have to worry about whats going into my skin! Glad I found a skincare and cosmetics range that ill stick with! <3

Justine, Adelaide


I’ve purchased nearly everything in the LEXA SKINWEAR range, from skin care, cosmetics, to hand creme. I could not be happier!! I love the fact that all the products are organic, no nasty chemicals and vegan friendly, the foundations are stunning to wear, long lasting and give you coverage without feeling like you have makeup on! Accompany that with the primer and the skincare, you’re set!

For many years I have tried to be as natural as possible with my cosmetics and skincare and I’ve used other, more expensive brands, which were meant to be the real deal, but after trying LEXA SKINWEAR, I am sold. 

Jessica, Adelaide